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Dr. William C. Nolte

Transformation Ministries (TM) is committed to provide excellent leadership and equipping in a highly relational and supportive environment. You were never meant to do ministry alone – so don’t!

We’ve had many requests for the recordings from the most recent TM Transforming Churches Conference. These can be accessed via our Resources page.

Biblical Authority

It is an exciting time for Transformation Ministries as we launch into the first year of our 5-year goal called Vision 2020. If you haven’t yet gotten the full picture, you soon will! We have embraced Jesus’ teaching on effective, faithful stewardship, which teaches that the Master has distributed His resources, according to His desire and will. He will hold His servants accountable for how they use what He has granted. (See Matthew 25.) As a Common Mission, we must

Invest to Thrive, not Protect to Survive

That is true of individual stewards, congregations as stewards, and our association of churches as stewards. We are a covenanting association of churches with a common mission: Go Make Disciples. That common mission is accomplished through the increase in healthy churches!

Our five-year goal (BHAG, if you will) is to see our Ministry grow, in member congregations, by 85 new TM congregations before we reach the year 2020. At least fifty of those will be new churches planted. We intend to establish between 4 and 6 regional Ministry Hubs across the United States in order to better serve a much larger and better connected community of leaders and association of churches.

Maybe most importantly, we intend to reframe how we look at our Ministry by understanding that TM is our Common Mission. Helping leaders, coming alongside churches and reaching new communities through new churches is “mission”, and each TM congregation is part of it. Financial support and participation in TM is not “dues to pay” or “services to purchase”, but the mission of healthy churches fulfilling the only mission Jesus gave His Church: Make Disciples.

Your TM leadership team will be making every effort personally connect with our leaders and churches throughout the year to share the vision, connect you to the awesome mission taking place, and invite you to get on board with our Common Mission.

TM is Our Mission!

What Are You Planning That Will Reach People This Month?
Let us know how you will be reaching out and serving your community. We’d like to share your great ideas with your TM partners. Just send along a description, flyer, link or share other information to Elenna Poppin, and TM will share your outreach ideas.

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970 South Village Oaks Drive,
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