Transformation Ministries is a partnership of many ethnically- and culturally-diverse churches, adhering to baptistic convictions. The churches and agencies partnering as Transformation Ministries covenant to walk together in a Biblical relationship, to enjoy each other’s fellowship, to seek counsel with one another under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to change their worlds for Christ.

The New Testament portrays the people of God gathered in local congregations, each having a unique identity, life, and ministry. Together, these individual churches comprise a larger whole, the body of Christ, the Church. New Testament congregations that had historical, geographical, and cultural affinity developed familial relationships with one another that were expressed in sharing leaders, resources, and correspondence; seeking guidance together from the Holy Spirit regarding pressing issues before them, and holding each other accountable for faithfulness to the gospel.


In this spirit, the churches of Transformation Ministries agree to walk and work together to advance Christ’s Kingdom.

  • We will spur one another on towards love, good deeds, evangelism, Biblical justice, and faithfulness, and hold each other accountable to live by the commitments of this covenant. We will meet and fellowship together, encouraging one another as we serve our coming Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • We will identify strategic mission objectives, developing resources and staff to advance our mission. We will contribute a “faith share” to support this mission.
  • We will partner in preparing and participating in Transformation Ministries conferences, seminars, mission projects and pastoral mentor groups as we find these beneficial to reaching our church’s mission goals. We will, when asked, seek to recommend members for the Board of Directors of Transformation Ministries.
  • We will communicate with each other needs among us that are beyond the abilities of local churches to meet, and share together in alleviating those needs.
  • We will develop leaders among us who are gifted and called by the Lord for ministry, and commend such leaders to each other.
  • We will work with the staff and resources of Transformation Ministries in the pastoral selection process, and at other times in order to maintain the health and missional vitality of this congregation.
  • We affirm the Convictions of Transformation Ministries and Core Values as statements of our convictions and values. If at some future date we no longer agree with these statements, we will seek to reconcile our differences, and if we cannot reconcile, we will withdraw from Transformation Ministries.

In order to evaluate our mission effectiveness as God-empowered movement of churches, each church will send an annual report describing mission accomplishments, blessings and concerns.

NOTE: Each church approves of this covenant and directs their officer and pastor to sign. It is then signed by the President and CEO/Mission Lead of Transformation Ministries. A copy is kept in the TM Office and the original is sent back to the church.

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