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Because You Don’t Have to do Ministry Alone.

At Transformation Ministries we are convinced about one thing – there is a desperate need for More Healthy Churches and the best path toward that goal is through a commitment to healthy effective leaders in the local congregation.

It is no secret that the church in North America today would not be called vibrant and growing overall. Further, there is overwhelming data to show that Pastors feel ill prepared, overwhelmed, and negatively affected (along with their families) as they try to hang on and lead in the local church. Equally shocking is the number of congregations closing every single week.

The primary focus of TM is on the leaders and churches in North America. We are convinced that a major issue with the struggle and decline of the church is a profound lack of support, training/equipping and connection to a community of leaders and an association of other churches with whom we share the only mission of the church – make disciples.

Because you don’t have to do ministry alone…

Transformation Ministries exists to provide the connection, relationships and training absolutely essential to being an effective Pastoral leader. The American myth of the rugged lone ranger is simply not God’s plan for His leaders and His church to reach the world.

If God has called you to lead you need to be a part of a larger movement. Whether it is to receive critical support and training or to maximize your Kingdom impact, Transformation Ministries is here to serve you and connect you to a greater Mission.

The Mission of TM is clear, straightforward and focused. Learning more and finding out how you can benefit immediately is easy. Contact us directly. A TM staff person will answer your questions, and connect you to a Connection Coach Team that will walk you and your church through the entire process of discovery and connecting with our ministry.

Transformation Ministries is here … because you don’t have to do ministry alone!

Here’s Why!

  • Opportunities to fellowship with like-minded, kingdom-focused leaders in your area and across the nation.


  • Countless resources within our network of ministry partners, over 170 churches and leaders.


  • Personal support from high-level leaders with a wealth of knowledge in ministry and work experience.


  • Guided process through church health discovery, assessment and planning.


  • Workshops and training seminars.


  • Discounted and often free admission to inspiring leadership events and conferences.
  • Practical support for churches from human resources and insurance, to financial/staff management.


  • Training, equipping and coaching for church planters.


  • Ordination and Chaplain support and referrals.


  • Assistance with pastoral placement and referrals.


  • Three thriving camps to utilize for ministry or personal getaway.


  • Women and Girls Scholarship program.


  • Prayer support.

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More healthy churches. More changed lives.

970 South Village Oaks Drive,
Suite 101 Covina, CA 91724

970 South Village Oaks Drive,
Suite 101 Covina, CA 91724

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Our Corporate Sponsor