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Christian Community Credit Union is our Corporate Sponsor.

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Our resources to help your church’s administration, including:

  • Top Church Legal Risks
  • Legal Position on Marriage
  • Employment and Legal Risks
  • Code of Conduct and Related
  • Taxes and Government Compliance
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Metrics and Compliance
  • Financial Practices

Estate Design and Gift Planning Seminars

Estate Design and Gift Planning Seminars are one of the many free resources we have available for our churches and their members.

For more questions or to schedule your churches seminar contact:

We’re pleased to inform you of a FREE resource for you and your ministry: is our new resource subscription just for churches.  Click here to access the subscription.

This free subscription provides:

  • over 300 Knowledge Center documents, including policies and procedures
  • A toolbox to inspire and empower your church board
  • Electronic tax guides
  • Our ChurchPulse Newsletter
  • Webinars on demand
  • eBooks
  • Interactive training courses
  • Podcasts

Sales and Use Taxes: Is Your Church in Compliance?

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970 South Village Oaks Drive,
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970 South Village Oaks Drive,
Suite 101 Covina, CA 91724

Our Corporate Sponsor

Our Corporate Sponsor