What is
VISION 2020?

At the end of 2015 the Board of Directors of Transformation Ministries embraced a bold and visionary FIVE YEAR goal to greatly increase the reach and impact of our mission. This decision was based on a year-long period of prayer, discernment, listening and ultimately commit to live boldly the Stewardship teaching of Jesus in Matthew 24 regarding the “talents” given to servants of the Master. This five year goal is a bold commitment to INVEST to THRIVE rather than PROTECT to SURVIVE.

Vision to Reach

By the Year 2020 Transformation Ministries will become a true national association of God-empowered leaders and churches on mission together. Believing that our clear, and compelling vision to see: every pastor growing; every church healthy; every community transformed, TM must think far more compre-hensive and outside our historic geographic footprint.

Primary Components of VISION 2020:

At Least FIFTY (50) New Churches Planted

At least THIRTY FIVE (35) existing, but unaffiliated churches join our Association

Maximize our ministry and deliver TM across the USA and Mexico by means of at least SIX (6) TM HUB locations.

Pursue strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations which will allow TM to increase our capacity to serve leaders and churches effectively

Clearly communicate that TM is our COMMON MISSION and have all TM Leaders and Churches commit to this essential MISSION.

Why VISION 2020?

The church in America today is clearly headed toward more UN-HEALTH than HEALTH. Virtually no one dis-putes the statistics that as many as 80% of churches in America today are in plateau or decline. Over 50% of churches report NO BAPTISMS each year. An overwhelming number of pastors and their families are ad-versely affected by the challenges facing them as they seek to lead. Thousands of churches are closing every single year. Outposts of the Kingdom are being lost.

Transformation Ministries was formed some ten years ago to specifically address these realities. It is what we are about. More Healthy Churches – More Changed Lives!

Year One Results

As this report is printed NINE (9) New Churches are in process

One existing church joined us and another started the process

The first TM HUB launched in Tijuana, Mexico. Excellent foundational work began in Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas

An expanded Church Health and Assessment Team (CHAT) was developed. Leader and churches “services” articulated, and the beginning phase of promotion and invitation to TM churches to take advantage of TM’s Church Health assistance began.

TM’s leaders and churches responded with great generosity in this first year in investing in our mission. As of the printing of this report: Year-to-date MISSION GIVING INCREASE was $109,614!

By every measure that is a fantastic way to launch a new FIVE YEAR MISSION Goal!

TM Hub Map.

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970 South Village Oaks Drive,
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